@meet_ron Seven and counting ❤️💑😁😍

Aug 14. 0 Notes.

that yogurt date with Chielly Jelly 😁😁😁🍩🍦🍴

Aug 05. 0 Notes.

Enjoyed this last week with my team. Heart-shaped kunyeong style meat 😁👍 at BulgogiBrothers Restaurant 🍣🍱 good food 😊😌 🍴

Aug 02. 0 Notes.

Woke up great today— so I’m posting an old photo of my hair done like an instant ultimate make-over. 😁😁😁 natural waves and curls 😳😳 haha!

but of course, i woke up great today with high hopes and good vibes 😉👌❤️ @meet_ron

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